House rules
For a positive working environment:
  • Please respect our house rules and the terms of use in order to contribute to a relaxed working environment. Failure to comply can result in individual consequences.

  • On the first day it’s required to present a photo identification and/ or a copy of the commercial register. We guarantee that we use the data only for administrative reasons and will not forward it to any third parties.

  • Smoking is prohibited inside the premises. We provide ashtrays on the terrace and in the inner courtyard and ask you to use them.

  • We offer free Wifi on the premises (for guests as well). It’s strictly prohibited to download, view or spread illegal and unlawful content. 

  • We provide you with an emission-free, multifunctional printer (printing/scanning/copying) as well as an additional laser printer on the first floor. In line with “fair use” the usage of the devices is included in all packages.

  • For telephone calls and skype conferences we invite you to use the small meeting room on the first floor. Please take advantage of this opportunity and turn down the volume in the offices. (mute phones please)

  • Guests, customers and business partners are welcome at our premises. Please note that you are responsible for them during their stay.

  • We are not responsable for your personal belongings. Please take your valuables with you when leaving the office or leave them in the lockers at your own risk (can be booked as “extra”).

  • House trained and friendly pets are welcome in our office. The owner is responsable, that the pet does not molest other co-workers. The courtyard is not a dog toilett, there are two dog zones in vicinity of the office.

  • The tea kitchens are equipped with tableware, in addition we provide coffee, tea, milk and fruits for free. Please put the dishes into the dishwasher and clean up behind you. 

  • Apart from the toiletts we also have a shower on the first floor. Please keep it nice and clean.

  • We try to act as sustainable as possible and mind garbage separation. Please put your trash into the respective bins.